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These are from me unless stated otherwise (in brackets)

(Range) 29.09.2022: "woman boob"

05.09.2022: "I'm ugly and immoral... I should become a politician!"

03.09.2022: "They say time heals all wounds, I do seem to be bleeding out however"

(Reece) 31.08.2022: "Good night but in the morning"

30.08.2022: "Don't even bother embalming or putting makeup on me when I die. Just spray some Lynx around the coffin. Really representative of my living form"

24.08.2022: "Don't talk to me or my Peppa Pig PEZ dispenser ever again"

16.08.2022: "Homeostasis tires me"

07.08.2022: "Y'all exist IRL and honestly that's terrifying"

03.08.2022: "Babybels are fucking disgusting. Wake up."

28.07.2022: "My stupidity used to protect me, what happened"

24.07.2022: "I'm not a virgin, life fucked me"

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