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About me:

Hiya \o/
My name is Celia, but it's usually shortened to Ce (that's pronounced like the word "see") I was born in September of 2004, I go by she/her pronouns, and am from the UK.

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Mediocre artist, self-taught/amateur drummer, and in training to make furniture along with additional home decor.
Some of my other interests include building in sandbox games, collecting only the crustiest of Pinterest memes, ...and living the '90s alt-rock DREAM! (grunge clothes, making rating lists, learning band trivia, etc).

Notice how socialising isn't on that list? Yeah. Still need to work on that...
That's basically me :)

Feel free to nosy around, that's the (short) reason I made this place :D

Featured song:

"Early Stars"
- Jejune
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Been ranking bands with my friends recently,
here's what I've mustered up

How would you rank them?

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